Why BrailleNet?
BrailleNet was set up to encourage the use of Internet as support for school, University and vocational training for visually disabled people.
A BrailleNet Site on the server maintenance inter University of Jussieu Installation of computer stations connected to the Internet in schools incorporating Visual handicapped children Participation in the international project Web Accessibility Initiative Coordination of initiatives of institutions such as exchange documents, books, course information Bulletin will be set up on the Internet on the website of BrailleNet ( training of students , students, teachers and parents to navigation on Internet Participation at the show Autonomic techniques: schools and associations will ensure animations with students or students on the following themes: virtual library, creation of a Web site by Visual handicapped pupils, Tactison, Adaptation of University courses, read a newspaper, looking for information on the Web, distance education. Development of tools for accessing the data and services available on the Web.
June 1996 launch of the idea of an Internet project at an informal meeting organised on the living room Autonomic96 and on the occasion of the Symposium on “New Technologies in the Education of the Visual” July 1996: first meeting of project BrailleNet at Pierre and Marie Curie University April 1997: partnership agreement signed between AFEI, ANPEA, EUROBRAILLE, FAF, and University Pierre et Marie Curie
Consortium BrailleNet
December 1997: deposit of the statutes of the Association BrailleNet ANPEA, EUROBRAILLE, FAF, and CREARE. March 1998: constituent Assembly of the Association BrailleNet. Election of the first CA
Association BrailleNet
implemented in schools, universities and training centres incorporating visual disability of means enabling them to access the information via the Internet. develop and/or adapt the available teaching materials on the web coordinate the initiatives of institutions and associations involved in the project promote the development and/or adaptation of all software, and all materials adapted for visually disabled people for Internet access.
The BrailleNet Association also wants to be a meeting and a forum for discussion between stakeholders involved in the use of Internet in school and vocational training.
The status of association responds to the concern to evolve towards more openness and welcome new partners of different status and from backgrounds varied but interested in a common topic.

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