Summary of recosting of the release site

The Liberation of Web site is an information site. The information provided on the site is mainly composed of texts. Navigational aids are present in almost all of the pages in the form of search engines. The structure of the site is not completely homogeneous because pages are divided into frames while others have a simpler structure. For users with only a partial view of the screen, which cannot read that a frame at a time, the navigation in these pages is more complex.

Most of the graphic elements of pages other than the home page have no textual alternative. For this reason, the site is still accessible insufissamment.

Detail of the assessment

Home page:
The first page shows the information on 3 then 4 columns.

-The left column acts as a summary and offers different sections of the site.
-Now, most of the images have a textual alternative. However, graphics still not are discussed (for example, a few banners, commercial space, icons…).
-Some technical aid interpret differently the order of articles page
-Multiple hyperlinks are not quite explicit (e.g. “daily”), found several times on the page. Links must be able to keep the sense out of context.
-Each “daily” link refers directly to a specific article but to a page. The user must therefore visit this page and find the article at the link in the homepage.
-This first page has hundreds of links.

Other pages:

-Most of the images used (images links, images for presentation) are still not commented out.
-Images made of clickable areas have no alternative text (including the bar of navigation at the top of each page).
-The site contains several scripts which the alternative comment returns an image that is unfortunately not commented.
-Some pages are divided into several frames (from two to three frames), whose name is often little explicit for a user who cannot read than a frame at a time (difficulties of memorization and understanding). There is a general textual alternative for browsers that do not support frames (NOFRAME tag) but it returns a text warning and does not generate any link to the pages of the site.
-This site overall lack of homogeneity since only a few pages contain frames (headings “Portraits” and “Headlines”).
-Presence of many little explicit links (see “Bounces” where the links are on the months of the year and not the full date).
-The site remains visible when the created for the Web page formatting is disabled. (colors, contrasts, choice and size of fonts…). However, the “Music” section offers an internal navigation bar which differs visually from other pages: the colours used (low contrast) can interfere with the reading of some users.

The homepage of this site has been improved since the last assessment.
To optimize the navigability of the site, it would be useful to add a plan of the site accessible from this home page.
On the other hand, the General accessibility of the site would be greatly improved if:

-all graphic elements were accompanied by a textual comment (navigation bar internal…)
-links were formulated to be understood out of context

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